Aquarius Pins

Aquarius Pins

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Art by: Jake Ey3

Cost & Purchase Details
-Matching Numbered Sets - $132
-Blindbag Singles  -$33 ea.
** There will be a limit to 2 blindbags per person, for the first 5 minutes of availability..  

Pin Details
Size: 3" Tall
Triple Posted
Soft enamel with epoxy
Limited Edition of /175
Back art 🍑

Important Deets
These pins are not currently in hand. They are in the enamel process, and are expected to arrive in 2 weeks. Once in hand, they will immediately be shipped out to you. So keep in mind it will be 2-3 weeks before these arrive.

Limited Edition:
OG - Black Dyed metal, features 27 different enamel colors! (LE/75)
Ano - Rainbow Anodized metal, full white glow (LE/40)
Twilight - Rose Gold metal, full light opal glitters (LE/35)
Stardust - Blue Dyed Metal, black enamel with rainbow glitters (LE/25)