Celestial God Open Presale

Celestial God Open Presale

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Celestial Gods
Vomitart x Symbiotic Expressions

These will be Limited Edition. The total edition, and number of variants is dictated by the number of sales. There will not be a big drop for these later, so if you’re wanting to snag one, do it on the presale. THIS IS A PRESALE.   THAT MEANS PRODUCTION HAS NOT BEGUN YET.  Because of the coronavirus, total production time may very well range. I think it’s safe to say these will take AT LEAST 5 weeks from the end of the presale, til they’re in hand, quite possibly many more.

Since PayPal does not allow presales over 20 days, PayPal will not be a checkout option. It will violate their terms of service. So if you checkout with PayPal, you will be refunded.

At the following sales, we will release new variants

Each purchase will be a blindbag purchase. Sets aren’t an option, as it’s not sure how many variants in total we will have. However, if you purchase as many blindbags as there are revealed variants when sales end, you will recieve a full set. There is also no limit to how many variants this will go up until.

A blindbag purchase gets you two pins, the God and it’s matching planet. These pins are ~2.3” tall, and the mini is 1.25”. There is no limit to how many Blindbags you can buy.

For every 5 variants revealed, we will have a gift variant. The gift variant(s) will be LE 10-15.